National survey data gathered from recent months demonstrates people want the ability to watch things on-demand.  When it makes sense, record. 

You can use the recording as a follow-up to attendees or outreach to individuals unable to attend the event.   If your event has an appeal to a wider audience, you can work with the Events Office to post in on the campus’s external YouTube channel. 

When recording, always remember:

  • For guest speakers external to Rutgers, we must obtain written permission to record and use their image. Contact the Events Office to obtain the recording waiver that will need to be completed and kept on file.  
  • In your invitation, make it clear that the event will be recorded and may be posted for future viewing. 
  • At the beginning of the meeting and before Q&A begins, remind attendees that the event is being recorded and that their questions and comments may be included in the recording. 
  • If you use music that isn’t in the university’s library of music, you may be infringing on copyright laws, so work with the Events Office on obtaining the correct music. If you decide to use video clips or music without obtaining the rights, RUCIT will edit out that portion of your recording. Click here to learn more about Rutgers’ Copyright Policy.