Policy Statement on Sale of Food Items for Student Groups

Candy Sales

Fundraisers that include candy (i.e. Candy Grams) are acceptable PROVIDED all candy is individually wrapped. Items that would not be acceptable are things such as M&M’s that are opened and sorted out or any type of bulk candy that is not individually packaged. You should never open or touch any candy that you are distributing to others as part of your fundraiser.

Bake Sales  

Student Organizations who wish to hold a bake sale in student center space must send a request through Virtual EMS. Once approved for the table (based on availability) please note that only homemade baked goods may be sold at tables reserved for bake sales. No other foods are permitted. The sale of any other food items is not permitted due to potential risks related to transporting items that require temperature control (heating or cooling) and unsanitary food preparation conditions.

Student groups are responsible for depositing the monies raised into their student fund account (located in the Student Fund Office on the 3rd Floor of the Campus Center) immediately following the end of the sale."

Sale of Food Items shall be restricted to appropriate areas in the Campus Center, the Athletic & Recreation Center and the Gordon Theater lobby and in the Gordon Theater lobby as concession linked to performances. For matters of sanitation and safety food sales are not permitted elsewhere.