Planning an Event

University events should serve a purpose. Whether celebrating an achievement or milestone (such as a ribbon-cutting), bringing people together to talk and learn about issues (such as a lecture or forum) or fundraising for a Rutgers project, events should never be an end in and of themselves—set goals for each event and always plan for strategic follow-up. 

Members of the Events Office will help you set and achieve goals for your event. We will assist you in all aspects of your event planning: from brainstorming and budgeting to the coordination of services such as catering, parking, security, custodial and technical support.  For quick reference, here’s a summary of the steps to planning and reserving events.

Reserving an event (Non-Student)

Step 1:

  • Contact Event Office (answer within 3-5 business days)
  • Fill Out Event Request Form
  • If Available - Space Held; If Not - Alternate Space Suggested (Usually Same Day; For Non-academic Classroom Requests Allow 2-3 Business Days)

Step 2:

  • Reservation Created. Includes Confirmation Of Space & Estimated Cost Of Requested Goods/Services (answer usually within 3-5 business days)
  • Events Office Sends Reservation For Client Review

Step 3:

  • If No Costs - Client Signs & Returns To Events Office
  • If Costs - Client Reviews Estimates, Signs , Returns With Payment:
  • Payment For Internal Client - Provides COA GL string when request form is submitted, procures payment when estimate is received
  • Payment For External Client - 50% Non-refundable Deposit. Full Payment Due Minimum Of One Week Prior To Event Date. (Acceptable Forms Of Payment: Cash, Check,e-check, Visa, Master Card & Discover)

Reserving An Event (Student)

Simple Events:

  • Student Group Needs Space For Meeting Or Event:
  • No Costs Involved: Request via Virtual EMS, EMS.CAMDEN.RUTGERS.EDU/VIRTUALEMS (must be an approved contact for your student group)
  • Costs Involved: Contact Designated Student Group OSI or OFSA Administrator For Approval To Expend Funds.
  • Once Fund Ok'd: Submit your request through Virtual EMS and the Events Office will be in touch to help you plan your event details once event is approved by OSI/OFSA.

Large Events:

  • Student Group Wants To Plan A Large Event (Example: 100+ People, Admission Fees, Outside Rentals Or Vendors): Meet With Designated Student Group Administrator To Discuss Scope Of Event & Get Approval To Expend Funds.
  • Once Fund Ok'd: Contact Events Offices To Get Help Planning Your Event!

Complex Events:

  • Student Group Wants To Plan A Complex Event (Example: 100+ People, Non-university Guests, Alcohol, Elaborate Set-up & Rentals): Meet With Designated Student Group Administrator To Discuss Scope Of Event & Get Approval To Expend Funds.
  • Designated Student Group Administrator Will Convene Meeting Among Students, Events Office, Security, Fms And Other Pertinent Offices (Such As Dining Or Athletics). Follow-up & Planning Will Be Coordinated Amoung Student Group Members, the Designated Student Group Administrator and the Events Office.