Guidelines for External Caterers

Guidelines For Clients Who Plan To Use External Caterers

  1. Any caterer other than Rutgers Dining must provide a certificate of insurance to the events office. The certificate must:
    1. Name Rutgers University as the additional insured for 1 million dollars
    2. The Insurance may cover the date of the event or a specific period of time. (One Month, One Year, etc)
    3. The certificate of insurance must be received at least one week (5 business days) before the event.
  2. The Caterer will remain autonomous and not have access to any of Rutgers Dining’s facilities and/or equipment. They will have not have access to other Rutgers facilities and/or equipment.
  3. They will provide the appropriate amount of servers to monitor the food. (If serving hot food, at least one server needs to be in attendance for the duration of the meal.
  4. Only Coca-Cola products can be served on Rutgers Campus.
  5. There can be no open flames at an event. In cases where candles are used, they must be in a holder such as a hurricane, etc. *Sternos are the exception to this rule but a server must remain with the food.
  6. If serving alcohol at the event, event must have a liquor license on file three business days before the event. *Please Note: The liquor license takes 4 weeks to procure
  7. Any events with food will have to pay additional custodial charges depending on the amount of guests, location of event and type of food.
  8. Rutgers does not allow potluck events where participants are bringing in homemade meals to share with the group. This is non-negotiable. Pre-packaged goods are allowed.