Frequently Asked Questions

The Events Office staff is here to provide answers to any questions you may have.  Here are answers to questions EVERYONE asks!  To discuss your specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I reserve a space on campus?

If you are not a member of an affiliated Rutgers student group, your first step is to fill out an Event Request Form which can be found here. Completed forms can be emailed the Events Office by email to or fax it to 856.225.6196. We try to respond to inquiries within 72 business hours, but sometimes it takes up 5 business days.

I’m a student at Rutgers and want to have an event. What do I do?

We have created a step by step guideline to help you navigate event planning at Rutgers. Please click here to view that information. If you are an officer of an affiliated student organization and have received an EMS password, fill out the online form that can be found here.

How to I arrange for event parking?
Event parking requests should be sent to: Requesters will receive the reserved parking lot location for their event within 5 business days of submitting the request. Faculty, staff and students with questions related to parking and permits should visit:

Can I come in for a tour?

We welcome visitors. To arrange a tour, please contact the Events Office at .  If you are a prospective student wishing to take a campus tour, contact the admissions office at (856) 225-6104.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Yes. However, catered events where alcoholic beverages are served to pre-paid guests, require a NJ Social Affair Permit. Click here to learn more about obtaining a social affair permit. 

Do you have a caterer or do I have to bring my own?

Rutgers University Dining Services provides a wide range of catering options. Please contact the Events Office for menu options and consultation services. You may use your own caterer providing they provide a certificate of insurance. The events office can provide more information on insurance requirements. The caterer must also adhere to the University Catering guidelines found here. Please contact us for further information.

How much will my event cost?

The following are the types of charges incurred for an event: security services; custodial services; maintenance services; outside equipment rental fees; facility use fees, and other personnel services.  After submitting a request for, the events office will create an overview assesment of costs required. The Events Office, in consultation with other Rutgers University departments, shall use their professional discretion to assess the needs of each event and to apply charges equitably to all groups authorized to hold events in a university facility.  Pricing and charging policies are detailed in the Reservation, Scheduling, and Space Utilization Policy Rutgers-Camden Campus

How do I pay for my event?

Rutgers clients must provide provide a Chart of Accounts (COA) string and project number if applicable when emailing or faxing the event request form. 


Unit                 XXX (3 digits)
Division          XXXX (4 digits)
Org                 XXXX (4 digits)
Location         XXXX (4 digits)
Fund Type      XXX (3 digits)
Business Line XXXX (4 digits)

PROJECT NUMBER (NOT REQUIRED but, if they utilize a project number then they have to provide the task number as well.)

Project Number XXXXXX (6 digits)
Task                   XXX (3 digits)

Once you provide a COA string and you receive a reservation, use the reservation as a quote/cost estimate and can be used to begin the payment process. Please submit thiscontract to shared services or your business manager.

Refer to this information:

Internal / RU Clients

IPO ITEM #: (see vendor prices at bottom, external vendors get charged directly to COA string)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Reservation #, Date, & Event Name using the following format: 123456 01/23/45 Event Name


The terms “Reservation Number” and “Invoice Number” can be used interchangeably. 

Non-Rutgers clients must provide $100.00 upon signing your initial contract/reservation. The $100.00 will not be refunded if the event does not occur.  If the event occurs, it will be applied toward the final total.  Once a menu and services are determined clients will receive a written contract that will serve as a quote/cost estimate and can be used to process payment. Fifty percent (50%) of the total estimated bill is due with the signed Cost Estimate. Payment in full is due one week prior to event date. 

Forms of payment accepted:

CASH or CHECK (made payable to RUTGERS UNIVERSITY) accompanied by a copy of event contract or invoice may be dropped off Monday through Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm.  CHECKS may be mailed to:   

Office of Financial Services 
Armitage Hall -311 North Fifth Street|
Room 366
Camden, NJ 08102-1405
ATTN: Andrew Finn
Please do not send CASH in the mail.


To make a credit card payment please visit us online at and select the tab “Make a Payment”.  *Please note: We ask external customers to provide a valid credit card number so that extra charges incurred during the event can be applied to the credit card.  If no extra charges arise we destroy your credit card information

Please note: The Events Office is unable to physically accept payment of any kind.

All Questions and Billing Inquiries:

Andrew Finn
Office of Budget and Finance
311 N. 5th Street, Armitage Hall – Rm 366
Camden, NJ  08102
P: 856-225-6588